Steve Hanson

January 30, 1964 - June 20, 2018

We lost a member of the Jade Presents family on June 20, 2018.

On Sept 30, 2016, Steve suffered a heart attack and never fully recovered. After 21 months back and forth between the hospital and nursing home, he said goodbye to life on earth.

In 1991, when I began dabbling in concert promotion as a hobby, Steve Hanson was by my side. He took ‘cover charge’ from the very first show I ever did and handled ticketing sales for nearly every show since.

He was honest as the day is long and loyal to a fault. He was also our biggest cheerleader. Jade Presents would not be here today without the dedication, love, and support that Steve gave day in and day out.

Many people thought Steve was ‘Jade’ as he was much more visible than I. Regardless, he represented us exactly as I had dreamed. Our business philosophy was modeled around Steve and his gracious way of treating all customers with the utmost respect. It didn’t matter if the patron was a 75 year old seeing Don Williams for the 12th time, a 14 year old attending his/her first concert, or a 25 year old punk rocker with a mohawk. Each person was a very important customer who was treated with the same kindness and told ‘enjoy the show.’

Whether you knew him as Bambino, Turtle, Hanse, Rossi, Lipitor, or the many other nicknames given, Steve was the friend you always wished for.

You can count on him being the angel at every show…”There’s always room in the back” Stevie.

~ Jade Nielsen