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Hello event and concert lovers!

You probably noticed that our website had a makeover and I’d love to give you a little walk-through on some of the functionality and features that will hopefully benefit your overall site experience.

Let’s start with the homepage.

The first thing you see is the logo and navigation at the top. You can browse the site by clicking on any of the pages. Just below the header area is a featured slider that is showcasing the next 8 upcoming events.

Just below the slider you will find the upcoming events section that lists the next 5 upcoming events. You can click on one of the events or click the “See All Events” button to view all our events. There is more to see on the homepage but I will let you browse around for yourself.

Let’s head over to the events page.

This is where you will find all our upcoming and past events. They will display in list view by default, but there are a few other view options that you can try out including a month, week, map, & photo view.

Here is a taste of what those views look like:

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There is also a very powerful search bar that allows you to search using 3 different methods.

  • Date From allows you to search by a specific starting date. This comes in handy if you are looking for an event on a specific day.
  • The Search field is just that. Type in the artist, event name, or anything that might pertain to the event you are looking for and it will help you find what you are looking for.
  • Near is a location based search feature that will help you find events within 50 miles of any city you put into the search field. If there isn’t an event within 50 miles it will let you know.

There are quite a few more pages to view and a new blog where we will occasionally post new articles and other exciting news from the Jade Presents news room (We don’t actually have a news room, but that would be cool).

I hope this little walk through is helpful and gave you some tips on how to find exactly what you are looking for. We are always striving to bring you the best live entertainment experience, which includes our new website.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for our event news back on the homepage. If you join you will receive upcoming show announcements, special offers, ticket information, and more!

Until next time,
Happy browsing!

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