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Hello, let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Brandon and I am the new Marketing Intern here at Jade Presents. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about myself. I am a senior at NDSU studying Strategic Communication while also dual minoring in Management Communication and Women and Gender Studies. I am a huge movie connoisseur, so much so from time to time I talk in mostly obscure movie references. I’m a North Dakota local, and I have a German Shepard/Black Lab mix named Baby. Now that you know a bit about me, I’m going to talk a bit about the experiences that I’ve had at Jade Presents in my first few weeks as the new Marketing Intern. Specifically, how I got hired as the new Marketing Intern.

First I’ll tell you how I discovered this rag tag team of music of junkies. I am in my Senior year of college and as most students know, it pays to get an internship. A person can only learn so much in a classroom and there is nothing like real world experience. With that in mind, I set off to find an internship. In my search, my college internship coordinator recommended Jade Presents. The way she described past intern experiences I knew I had to apply. So, I did!

The application portion to get the initial interview was straight forward. Fix up the old resume, do some background information on the company, you know generic application things. So, I applied for the position and a few days later, bam! I got the interview. When setting up the interview, let’s just say there was some minor confusion. What happened was in the process of confirming the time and date for the interview my now boss, gave me some mixed matching dates. The first date being Thursday January 8th. That upcoming Thursday being the 5th made me, as a student who desperately needed an internship, recheck the calendar at least five times. With gusto and confidence in my heart, I sent an email questioning my now boss on her dates. She responded in a carefree manor confirming that the interview was now to be on Wednesday January 5th. Which again sent me into a spiral of confusion. This time without fear I emailed back to again confirm the correct date which was to be Thursday, January 5th. My soon to be boss was clearly ready for the upcoming weekend and in fact the interview date was January 5th.

Now that I knew the actual date and time of the interview all I had to do was make a good impression. It was a pretty average interview, but the team threw some curve balls my way that I wasn’t expecting. The first odd thing that was asked was,

“What three things would bring with you, if you were stranded on a desert island?”

I’ll be honest I never expected this kind of question in an interview. I was just thinking to myself, what could be gained from this question? I said my TV, Xbox, and guitar, you know the essentials. The other odd question was,

“What kind of cereal would you be?”

This took me for surprise and I instantly was thinking to myself what kind of Sherlockian mind game was being played here! Turns out nothing, just a random question. I mean I was expecting the classic, “what’s your greatest weakness?” question, but I didn’t expect to answer the question what kind of cereal am I. For the record, I answered Lucky Charms, you get those sweet marshmallows and the little grain pieces. It’s the perfect mix of sweet childhood and bitter adulthood, but I digress. From this point, I knew I wanted to be on the team. Philosophical cereal questions, laid back atmosphere and music, it’s like any college students dream! This goes without saying, I was happy I got the position confirmation email a few days later.

It has been a few weeks since I first started as an intern and I have enjoyed the little time I’ve had at Jade Presents. Within the staff here, there are some truly wacky characters and next time you may even get to read about them.

Signing off for now,

Brandon the Intern


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