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In my short time at Jade Presents, I have learned new information and interesting facts about the real-world marketing profession. I have gained a lot of knowledge about the actual marketing aspects at Jade Presents, but I want to talk about the people who bring the show to you.

First I want to talk about my boss, Emily who I previously mentioned. Don’t let my previous blog post negatively skew your perception of her. Emily is one of the marketing coordinators at Jade Presents. She is someone who works with phenomenal level of hard work & determination. Whenever I have a question she always has an answer. This is seemingly a universal factor within the staff at Jade Presents. She is always willing to take the time to listen to a problem and help solve the issue at hand. Emily isn’t a boss that simply ignores suggestions, she seems to like and embrace my ideas. The whole Snapchat “Intern” persona is something she whole hardily supported and if you aren’t following the account I highly recommend you do. Even though I’m just an intern she makes me feel like my opinions matter. If you have ever had a bad boss you know that this is not only important, but it is something that is invaluable.

Then there is Megan, Megan is the other marketing coordinator at Jade Presents. She is also one of the newest members of the team. As someone who is also new, I resonate to this because together we are the newbies. Everyone in the office seems to know an unbelievable amount of information about each other and it’s nice to have another person who is new that I can relate to. When I say newbie, I don’t mean she is inexperienced because she isn’t. She has been working in the marketing field for several years and she’s worked in places like Kansas City, Las Vegas, and now she is a part of the Jade Presents family. Megan is one of those people who will give you a task, but will walk you through every step of the process if needed. She has done everything from help me figure out Snapchat promotions to give me exact details for flyer dispersal. Because of our schedules I don’t work with Megan as much as I’d like, but with the time we have worked together Megan has made a great impression and because of this she is my fellow newbie from afar.

Next, we have Shelby the coordinator/marketing & events partnership liaison. The thing that I have noticed about Shelby in my time here is she is a person with resolve. She likes to be precise with her time at the office, which is something that resonates with me. This is how I try to act in a professional work place. She is one of those have fun but get stuff done kind of people! She has a sarcastic and comical personality and sometimes I can’t tell if she is messing with me. Despite this she has always been grateful whenever I happen to give her help with a task. If it’s helping put together displays or discussing elephants, Shelby is an enjoyable and entertaining person to work with and the office just wouldn’t be the same without her.

Then we have Krista, she seems to be the office goof ball, which is weird because she is the general manager. If you read my previous blog, Krista is the person who made sure the cereal question was present in my interview. The reason I included that information is so you know the type of person she is. During my first week, she decided I needed a nick name. I told her my current nick name which is b-squared and she loved it. There was a problem though, because it wasn’t her own brain child, she decided she would call me b to the two. Doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it, but it’s equally effective. She has a habit of having an uplifting presence in the office. Whether she is talking about her nephew who spits when he talks or talking about how when she eats donuts her teeth hurt, Krista is just a joy to be around. She is definitely one of the best general managers that I’ve had the pleasure to work for.

Carly, the assistant talent buyer is a difficult person to describe with words. She is the nicest person you will ever meet. She does her job with a such a level of dedication and caring, it’s hard to really describe. I once did a task for her when she was a bit overwhelmed. Because I completed that one task, she has shown more gratitude than I deserve. She still thanks me to this day and it didn’t cause me the slightest inconvenience. Despite that she still isn’t afraid to tell you “the business.” She once told me that I needed to start spelling business partner names correctly, which should’ve been obvious to me. Let’s just say I have made it a point to double check business names before doing a Snapchat about them. I have indeed messed up since, but she always provides feedback with a smile.

Up next, we have Nate our graphic artist. I probably shouldn’t say this because I may alienate my other coworkers, but I’ll write it anyway! I feel Nate is my PIC. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie Role Models, PIC stands for Partner in Crime. Other than our love of apples we don’t do anything together out of the norm, but he is the only other male on our floor. I know that’s a bad reason for PIC status, but it is how it is. He is the office DJ on Fridays and he plays some nicely titled playlists like Natey’s Greaties from the 80s. He is also an actual DJ in life. Not like a remix DJ, but an event DJ. He plays for weddings and other social events. So, if you have an event or you are getting hitched, hit him up. He also has a habit of having some pretty good one liners and quips to comments made in the office. The office just wouldn’t be the same without him because then not only would my PIC be gone but then I would be the only person who consistently eats apples at the office.

I would now like to introduce you to the digital content manager of patron services, Katelin. If you reach out to us on Facebook she is probably the one who is responding back to you. Katelin is the person who I go to if I have questions I deem too dumb to ask anyone else. She is always there to offer a lending hand and a smile when its needed. Katelin was also a fellow intern about a year ago and she was hired on full time, so she has been a great person to reach out to when I second guess minor things in the office. For all her quiet moments, she more than makes up for it with her ability to listen and provide great feedback. Plus, I hear she is open to listening to Brittney Spears during any occasion.

Lani our director of ticketing is another person who I don’t get the chance to meet very often. This is because she is always managing the Tickets 300 booth. But in the little time I have spent with her I learned is she is a fellow nerd. The first time we met she was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and at that moment I knew she and I would get along just fine. She is usually one of the last people I see for the day because she needs me to mail tickets every now and then. Like Pavlov’s dogs whenever I see her I get that feeling of joy because she means my day is usually over. If you work in downtown or find yourself there after work, stop by Tickets 300 and you’ll be greeted by a smiling face and a helpful hand to help you with your ticket purchasing needs.

I now want to talk about our director of national events, Courtney. Courtney and I must share the same spirit animal or something because I feel her and I could talk for hours. We must watch the same shows because she gets most of my movie and TV quotes, which I have to say makes me really happy. She is one of those people who always says hello, so I make it a priority to say hello or goodbye to her when I can. Now if you watch the show Archer, Courtney is almost exactly like Pam. She sounds exactly like her too, it’s really uncanny actually.

Next, we have Lee Schwartz the director of business development. Lee is also new to the Jade Presents team. Lee has accumulated a vast array experiences in his career. His resume includes positions such as working as the general manager for the FM Red Hawks to being the VP of events & marketing for Scheels Arena. Lee is an interesting guy to work with, he will call you out for having too many Balto Facebook posts or he will discuss good music with you. The office wouldn’t be the same without Lee there to make one of his trademark sarcastic comments.

Next, we have the coordinator of operations, Dan. I don’t see a lot of Dan, but that is because he is usually out doing things to make sure the shows get the necessary equipment they need to run efficiently. But the times I have talked to Dan, he is literally the nicest guy. At an undisclosed time and place when I may or may not have been myself (I was Drunk) Dan was cool enough to offer me a place to stay for the night and he barely even knows me. That takes a lot to do and he just offered without hesitation. I never did end up staying at his place, but that is something I will remember about him for a long time.

Now this is a person who I have only talked to a few times, but she has a rare quality most people don’t have. The one and only Lisa, the manager of business. At the time, we pretty much talked about Jade Presents and she kind of made me feel like I was a part of the Jade Presents Family. As someone who has only been with the company for a short time, Lisa made me feel welcome. This is a rare quality and not everyone can instantly make you feel welcome. She made the point that this company cares a lot about its employees. Which, because of her and her coworkers, I now know is a fact.

Last but not least we have the president, the talent buyer, and the founder, Jade. I’ll be honest, the man is still an enigma to me. All I really know about him is he loves Johnny Cash and owls, which can only explain the sweet Johnny Cash displays and owl statues scattered throughout the office. But if you want to know him as a person know that he is smart and he is genuine. Jade cares about his company, the community, and most importantly his staff. When it comes to decisions he puts his staff above everything else. All the while he remains focused on improving his company in the hopes of continuing to bring engaging & quality entertainment to the Fargo Moorhead area.

These are my actual thoughts of the Jade Presents team. They aren’t perfect people, but there is no such thing as a perfect person. I genuinely feel that the team here at Jade Presents is like a family. They may not recognize themselves as one, but they bicker and laugh like a family. Even though they have their issues, like every other team on the planet, they all seem to love each other in their own ways. I have not had the chance to meet everyone who works at Jade Presents and I want to apologize for missing you in this blog post, but I can’t wait to meet you and write about you as well. Personally it’s been an honor to work with this team in my short time here. I can’t wait to go to the office every day and I think that is because of the people there waiting for me. So, if you meet someone who works for Jade Presents take the time to get to know them, because they are all amazing people and you will probably be a better person for knowing them.

Signing off for now,

Brandon the Intern.


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